Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Just because leaking urine is common, doesn’t make it normal!

Do you:

  • Leak urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough, jump or work out?
  • Get up more than 2x/at night to void?
  • Have a feeling of heaviness or “falling out” of your pelvic floor?
  • Have to void immediately when you feel the “urge?”
  • Have difficulty fully emptying your bladder?
  • Find yourself restricting your fluid intake due to fear of toileting too often?
  • Have frequent urination?

Pelvic floor therapy for men too!

Have you recently had a prostate surgery?

Do you have difficulty voiding or emptying your bladder?

Do you have leaking throughout your day or overnight?

What exactly is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy? That sounds uncomfortable….

Your pelvic floor is muscles just like your arm or your leg! Pelvic Floor Physical therapy is designed based on your symptoms and examination with a focus on improving activation of your pelvic floor and accessory muscles. Depending on your specific condition, it may focus on relaxation of these muscles, activation and endurance training for these muscles, coordination of these muscles and progressions to activities that matter to you!

Still sounds uncomfortable… I’m not sure it’s worth it

Your hesitation is normal! Most patients get better with external pelvic floor (so no internal exam!) and specific training and strengthening. These muscles have to work all day, every day so endurance and coordination is key!

I have a prolapse…. does that mean I need surgery either way?

The good news is that most grades of prolapse can improve with conservative management (in other words, PT!). By targeting the muscles of the pelvic sling that hold up your internal organs from below, we can re-strengthen the “floor” that is supposed to be preventing your organs from slipping, or prolapsing!

Still not sure?

One thing is certain, without intervention, your condition is likely to get worse as the muscles continue to get weaker, tighter or have decreased coordination. The sooner we start the process for evaluation and treatment, the sooner you will start noticing a difference!

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