Using telehealth for physical therapy allows patients to receive personalized rehabilitation exercises and guidance from the comfort of their own homes, utilizing video calls and digital technology to bridge the gap between them and their healthcare providers, promoting convenience and accessibility while maintaining the effectiveness of their treatment.

    What exactly is Telehealth and how does it work?

    Telehealth is the use of video and audio to connect medical providers with their patients or clients, saving you time and gas money!

    There are many different systems that can be used to conduct telehealth. Some of them are more secure and HIPAA compliant than others. Examples are MedBridge, BlueJay,, Zoom, Skye, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Google Duo and more!

    What are the advantages of telehealth?

    Telehealth makes it easier to connect with your provider! You can log on from home, the office or a friend’s house! Ready for some outdoor training? You can log in from the beach, a park or your apartment complex’s gym! (Regular gyms may not appreciate it!)

    There’s no drive time and no wait time! Just log in at your appt time! No more waiting rooms, traffic, transportation companies or gas money!

    Plus your PT gets to see you in your regular environment! This helps us set up your home exercise program with the resources you have, help with ergonomic/ office set up, fall safety, and more! This can help you get better, faster

    How can a Physical Therapist do an assessment via telehealth? Don’t they have to be with me?

    Our PTs are trained to be able to assess via video platform. This means looking at how you are moving, any compensations that you are using, your posture, how you walk and how you complete your activities. This allows us to be able to gauge your functional strength, or how well your muscles work together to complete a task.

    Our PTs are also Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA) certified. This training includes looking at range of motion as compared to different landmarks on your body.

    For example, you should be able to turn your head so that your chin is over your collarbone.

    What if I need manual/hands on?

    Your PT will do a thorough assessment and let you know what they recommend for you. Not every patient is appropriate for telehealth, however you would be surprised what you can do via video and what your PT can teach you to do!

    If you live in Pinellas county, Inspiration PTC also offers in person services. If you are in another part of the state, your PT may be able to recommend a PT close to you!

    How will I get better via Telehealth?

    Our therapists will do a comprehensive evaluation of you via telehealth and then design a program, or plan of care, for you personally. The PT directed exercises and activities will focus on restoring how your body moves and addressing any limitations or pain that are found during the evaluation or are reported by you. The PT will then make sure you are completing each activity with the correct muscles being used and explain the why behind the exercises and activities. The PT may also direct you in self mobilization techniques to address any tightness/stiffness or joints that are out of alignment.

    What’s a hybrid approach?

    You don’t have to pick one vs. the other! A hybrid approach is doing some telehealth and some in person sessions. Every plan of care/ program is personalized for what works best for you!

    Setting up for your evaluation?

    Inspiration PTC uses a variety of platforms so that it can be easy for you! Make sure you download any app that is needed on your mobile device or computer.

    Some quick tips:

    • “Allow” your microphone and camera- This will allow us to see and hear you!
    • Do a trial run with a family member or friend!
    • Check your camera placement to make sure the therapist will be able to see you
    • We can work in most environments, but it is easier if you have a place to move around and potentially walk
    • Check your volume! We want to be able to hear you!

    But don’t take our word for it! Check out this review from a Telehealth client

    “I am so impressed with Cheryl. She is just amazingly kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable! I’ve been working with her since August for my lower back, hip, and now my shoulder- my range of motion has significantly increased and pain level decreased way more than with any other physical therapist I have ever worked with. I’m so grateful for her!!”

    Deborah C.