Mobile Physical Therapy

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What is Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy?
Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy is an outpatient level of care in the comfort of your home or a neutral location such as a gym, park, or office setting. Your PT arrives with the equipment you may need in their vehicle to bring great care to you!

What is the benefit of mobile outpatient vs. in-clinic care?

Mobile PT treatment brings the treatment to your doorstep and eliminates the need to travel to a clinic, arrange childcare or pet care, and drive times. This especially benefits patients with mobility issues, busy schedules, or movement symptoms. Mobile outpatient also allows for one-on-one individualized care and allows the PT to see you in your home environment to help with any ergonomic changes or specific activities that are challenging to you.

What should I expect for my first mobile visit?
Your PT will text you their approximate estimated arrival time (ETA). Although you will have a set time, traffic patterns may have your PT arriving a little early or late, and the ETA should allow you time to complete that one more household activity before your PT arrives!

Once your PT has arrived, he/she will need a table or desk to set up and discuss the history of your current pain/symptoms for which you seek care. Your PT will discuss your goals for treatment and what you are currently having difficulty doing. Then, your PT will take measurements such as strength and range of motion and watch your movement patterns and/or walking patterns to help design a treatment plan to help you get better faster!

What should I expect after the first mobile visit?
While your initial appointment is mostly assessment, your second and ongoing appointments will be focused on getting you better! The session will depend on your individual needs. Still, it may include exercises, functional activities, manual techniques including soft tissue mobility, joint mobility and adjunct manual (Astym, Graston), training for walking and movement patterns, and more!

But don’t take our word for it! Check out this review from a Mobile PT client

Cheryl has been awesome. I’ve suffered from back issues for a long time and she has helped me so much. Her kindness and expertise show through with every visit. She helped me make a life plan of exercises that I do every day now. She’s terrific!

Katy R.