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One on One Outpatient Physical Therapy

One on One Results

Zero Drive Time

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Online Scheduling

In person sessions – at your home or at an event!

  • Cash Pay for one on one services through IPTC 
  • Rates*
    • Initial evaluation and treatment: $200
    • Follow up sessions:
      • 45-55 minutes: $150
      • 35-45 minutes: $130
      • 20-30 minutes: $110

Virtual / Telehealth sessions

  • You will be amazed how much we can do virtually from your own home or work!
  • Telehealth Physical Therapy via Zoom or
  • 1:1 sessions for cash pay
  • Rates:
    • Initial evaluation and treatment: $180
    • Follow up sessions:
      • 55 minutes: $130
      • 45 minutes: $100
      • 30 minutes: $90

Insurance based? Contracted for Insurance through:

  • Medicare Primary (red, white and blue card only)
  • TricareEast (Active Military- referral needed)
  • Geico

What is a Superbill?

  • A superbill contains the information you need to submit services to your private insurance company for potential reimbursement for out of network services
  • A Superbill is not a guarantee that your insurance will reimburse out of network; all insurance plans, deductibles, coinsurance, copay amount are different and individual to your policy and plan

*Rates include set up/break down time; additional fees may apply depending on distance/location